How to be included


It’s easy!

SLATE has been featuring art listings and display-ad advertisements for over 35 years. We work with all galleries, museums, artists, collectives and art-related services in search of active, engaged, art enthusiasts.

Our listings, both in print and online, are designed to allow for all types of promotional requirements. We manage the submissions via email which are then reviewed and posted to ensure the best coverage.

To start the process, please email to request a copy of our rates card and then let us know how we can help make your plans a success.

[email protected]

The basics

SLATE offers two listing options:

The In Print & Online Listing provides the best combination of in hand and online marketing for your events:
$145 plus HST

The Online Only Listing provides broad, informative and up-to-date art info for web and mobile readers:
$75 plus HST

In addition, SLATE has a full line of print & web display ad options – see rates card for details.

The print issue releases and deadlines are:

Dec 2019 / Jan 2020 – Nov 15
Feb / Mar 2020 – Jan 15
Apr / May 2020 –  Cancelled due to Covid.
Jun / Jul 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid.
Aug / Sep 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid.
Oct / Nov 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid.
Dec 2020 / Jan 2021 – Cancelled due to Covid.
Feb / Mar 2021 – Cancelled due to Covid.
Apr / May 2021 – Cancelled due to Covid.
Jun / Jul 2021 – May 14 – Cancelled due to Covid.
Aug / Sep 2021 – Jul 15
Oct / Nov 2021 – Sep 15

Web postings & updates are available at any time.