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opening 5-9pm

Balint Zsako: Here We Are.

Dear _____

Thank you for taking a look at the work and for your thoughtful reply! Most of the process now is pulling together the narrative in a focused way. The paintings are more sober t ... more

Birch Contemporary (T.O. Downtown)

opening reception 5-9pm

David Hanes: Drawing / Drawings.

Think of Berlin, a small city.
Dark. Dark in the daytime – – –
(adapted lyric)

21stC Berlin lives of its own mythology.
ColourPhobic ... more

Birch Contemporary (T.O. Downtown)

exhibition tour | online 7pm (on Zoom) (see also Oct 1, Nov 17 & 26 for related events)

Online exhibition tour of Making Spaces, with Alexia Bréard-Anderson, Director Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto. On Zoom.

Sur Gallery (T.O. Downtown)

first day

Jean-Pierre Lafrance: Land'Es. Lafrance's passionate spirit is reflected in his expressive bold strokes, vivid use of colour, and spontaneity. For the artist, abstraction becomes the means of expressing the accumulation of memory and em ... more

Thompson Landry Gallery (T.O. Downtown)