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Thu 21 Nov, 2019

Today's Highlights

opening 6-8pm, with performance by Brendan Fernandes 7pm

Thunderstruck. Aganetha Dyck, Brendan Fernandes, Angela Miracle Gladue, Jillian Groening, La calq, Michelle Latimer. Curated by Jenn Goodwin. The work of six artists are brought together to explore ideas of presence through movement, re ... more

A Space Gallery (T.O. Downtown)

final day of exhibition

When the sun departs for a new horizon: celebrating 40 years of Corkin Gallery. Featuring works by Barbara Astman, Constantin Brancusi, Brassaï, Jota Castro, Jeff Chiu, Michelle Forsyth, Yakov Gakkel, Miles Gertler, E ... more

Corkin Gallery (T.O. Downtown)

opening 6-8pm

Robert Fones, Contes en Trompe-l'oeil | L'Enseigne de Gersaint Figures | Cursive Works, Notes | Maxims.

Olga Korper Gallery (T.O. Downtown)

gallery open late

The Power Plant is open late Thursdays, until 8pm. Exhibitions on view 21 Sep 2019 – 5 Jan 2020: Hajra Waheed's Hold Everything Dear, Vincent Meessen's Blues Klair, Naeem Mohaiemen's films, Rashid Johnson's presentation.

The Power Plant (T.O. Downtown)

panel discussion 7pm

Town Hall / HorizonIndigenous Arts Spaces: a self-determined way forward. Studio Theatre, Harbourfront Centre.

The Power Plant (T.O. Downtown)

talk 12noon

Noon-Time Collection Talk with Ingrid Mida – "Boys in Dresses and Other Fashions of the Victorian Age." Peter Higdon Research Centre, 122 Bond Street, Toronto, 2nd Floor, Room RIC-241.

Ryerson Image Centre (T.O. Downtown)

final day of exhibition

Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery Members Exhibition.

Cedar Ridge Gallery (T.O. Greater)

painting studio / conversation / music / refreshments 7-11pm

Painters of Night. Beaux Arts Brampton, Workshop Studio. Painters of Night provides the opportunity for artists to come together to work on their own projects at their own pace in the company of other creatives in our work ... more

Beaux Arts Brampton (T.O. Environs)

galleries open late

Beaux Arts Brampton remains open late on Thursdays, until 8pm. Exhibitions on view: Face to Face Art Exhibition by Kulpreet Rana, and Fine Lines by Tara Cress (both Nov 6-30, 2019).

Beaux Arts Brampton (T.O. Environs)

drumming circle 7-8:30pm

The Indigenous Network Drumming Circle. PAMA and The Indigenous Network invite you to participate in an evening of shared traditions and songs. FREE program; does not include general admission.

Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (T.O. Environs)