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conference Apr 2-5

Art Metropole attended the 52nd Annual Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) Conference in Pittsburgh PA as an exhibitor.

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Art Metropole (T.O. Downtown)

final day of exhibition

The SSC welcomes NEW MEMBERSSoheyl Bastami Michel DufresneDong HanDogan Özdemi

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Canadian Sculpture Centre / Sculptors Society of Canada (T.O. Downtown)

opening 5-7pm, artists in attendance

I Am Here Are You | double solo showfeaturing guest artists Martin Murphy and Steven Schmid. Martin Murphy is a Canadian artist working out of Toronto and Vancouver. His large oil canvas paintings ev ... more

Gallery House (T.O. West End)

reception 7-9:30pm

SusurrationsTeresa Seaton, Heather Moore, Mita Giacomini, Mary Philpot. The Carnegie Gallery is pleased to present the work of four established local artists. This exhibition shares artwork inspired by birds, interpreted ... more

Carnegie Gallery (Ontario South-West)