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A Space Gallery
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A Space Gallery is committed to critical engagement through the presentation of interdisciplinary programs including exhibitions, performances, screenings, collaborations and discussions. Central to the gallery's artistic direction is an exploration of the ways that art can contribute to social justice and to greater awareness of cultural similarities, differences and specificities. We are open to local and international proposals from individual artists as well as curatorial propositions, thematic interests, and research trajectories. A Space brings together artists, writers, academics, students and activists whose works transgress discipinary boundaries.

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Sep 8-Oct 7, 2023 | opening reception Fri 8 Sep, 6-8pm, with performance by the artist:

Kohui | Inscape: Perceive. Curated by Jay Bang.
Read more: https://aspacegallery.org/program/inscape-perceive/.


Jul 21-Oct 7, 2023 | opening reception Fri 8 Sep, 6-8pm:

John Ephraim Velasco | The Kakaiba Collection. Curated by Marissa Largo. Read more: https://aspacegallery.org/program/the-kakaiba-collection/.